Cholesterol Diet Table

Low Cholesterol Diet Table
. Eat Often Eat Occasionally Eat Rarely
Dairy Skim milk, nonfat dry milk, evaporated skim milk, skim buttermilk, skim yogurt Lowfat milk (1-2%), margarine, Lowfat yogurt, non-dairy whipped cream topping Whole milk, buttermilk, cream, butter, condensed milk, goat milk, evaporated milk, sour cream
Cheese Lowfat cottage cheese, Lowfat natural cheeses, Weight Watchers cheeses, Laughing Cow gruyere Creamed cottage cheese, Camembert, provolone, part-skim ricotta, part-skim mozzarella, parmesan American, bleu, Brie, cheddar, Colby, cream cheese, Edam, feta, Gouda, Gruyere, ricotta, Swiss
Eggs Egg whites (use 2 for 1 whole egg), egg substitute Whole egg (maximum 3 per week, including those in baked goods) Eggs Benedict, eggnog
Oils Corn, olive, safflower, sunflower, canola, soybean. Butter substitute Peanut, sesame, condensed, vegetable, margine, shortening Coconut and palm. Butter fat, beef suet, bacon fat, chicken fat, lard
Fruits & Vegetables Fruits and vegetables, juices (all types), dried beans and peas Avocado, black or green olivesCoconut, whole or shredded
Grains Breads; cornbread, whole wheat, pita, raisin, rye, pumpernickel. Muffins; blueberry, brand, English, oat bran. Whole grain cereals, rice, pasta (no eggs), barley Banana bread, biscuits, bread sticks, egg pasta, graham crackers, melba toast, pretzels, rye crackers, homemade French toast, pancakes and waffles (using egg whites) Butter rolls and crackers, cheese breads, croissants, doughnuts, Danish pastry, egg bagels, egg breads, cereals with coconut
Meats PoultryChicken and turkey (light meat, no skin), ham trimmed of fat, Canadian bacon, turkey frankfurter, turkey bolognaLean beef, tenderloin, eye round steak, sirloin, trimmed lamb, pork or veal, chicken/turkey dark meat, spaghetti with meat sauceGround beef, spare ribs, bologna bacon, corned beef, duck, hamburger, frankfurter, liver, kidney, sausage, salami, pastrami
SeafoodCod, salmon, crab, flounder, haddock, halibut, sole, snapper, trout, scallopsClams, herring, lobster, mackerel, oysters, tuna (packed in water)Caviar, breaded fish sticks, shrimp squid, sardines, tuna (packed in oil)
ExtrasBarbecue sauce, herbs, garlic, jams and jellies, ketchup, relish mustard, pickles, white sauceSalad dressings: French, Italian, Green Goddess, Ranch, Miracle Whip, Lowfat mayonnaiseSalad dressings: bleu cheese, Russian, Thousand Island, Tartar sauce, Hollandaise, mayonnaise
NutsAlmonds, chestnuts, pecans, walnutsPeanuts, peanut butter, Brazil nutsCashews, macadamia nuts
DessertsAngel food cake, fresh or canned fruit, gelatin, gingerbread, oatmeal cookies, pudding (skim milk), sherbet tofu dessertChocolate chip or peanut butter cookies, brownies, carrot cake, cherry pie, tapioca, frozen yogurt, ice milk, pumpkin pie, TwinkiesApple pie, cheesecake, egg custard, chocolate cake or pie, custard pies, ice cream, lemon meringue pie, ladyfingers.

Note: For the category of dangerous and abstinence should not be consumed by people with problems with hypertension or heart problems, because it can cause heart attacks, strokes and even death.


Tabel Jumlah Kolestrol pada Makanan

Jenis makanan yang aman dikonsumsi karena kadar kolestrol yang rendah
Jenis Makanan Kolestrol(mg/10 gr) Kategori
Putih telur ayam 0 sehat
Teripang 0 sehat
Susu sapi non fat 0 sehat
Daging ayam / daging bebek pilihan tanpa kulit 50 sehat
Ikan air tawar 55 sehat
Daging sapi / daging babi pilihan tanpa lemak 60 sehat
Daging kelinci 65 sehat
Daging kambing tanpa lemak 70 sehat
Ikan ekor kuning 85 sehat

Jenis makanan yang boleh dikonsumsi sekali-kali
Jenis Makanan Kolestrol(mg/10 gr) Kategori
Daging asap (ham / smoke beef) 98 sekali-sekali
Iga sapi 100 sekali-sekali
Iga babi 105 sekali-sekali
Daging sapi 105 sekali-sekali
Burung dara 120 sekali-sekali
Ikan bawal 120 sekali-sekali

Jenis makanan yang perlu diperhatikan untuk dikonsumsi karena kadar kolestrol yang cukup tinggi
Jenis Makanan Kolestrol(mg/10 gr) Kategori
Daging sapi berlemak 125 hati-hati
Gajih sapi 130 hati-hati
Gajih kambing 130 hati-hati
Daging babi berlemak 130 hati-hati
Keju 140 hati-hati
Sosis daging 150 hati-hati
Kepiting 150 hati-hati
Udang 160 hati-hati
Kerang 160 hati-hati
Siput 160 hati-hati
Belut 185 hati-hati

Jenis makanan yang berbahaya untuk dikonsumsi karena kandungan kolestrol yang tinggi.
Jenis Makanan Kolestrol(mg/10 gr) Kategori
Santan 185 berbahaya
Gajih babi 200 berbahaya
Susu sapi 250 berbahaya
Susu sapi cream 280 berbahaya
Coklat 290 berbahaya
Margarin / Mentega 300 berbahaya
Jeroan sapi 380 berbahaya
Jeroan babi 420 berbahaya
Kerang putih / tiram 450 berbahaya
Jeroan kambing 610 berbahaya

Jenis makanan yang pantang untuk dikonsumsi karena kandungan kolestrol yang sangat tinggi.
Jenis Makanan Kolestrol(mg/10 gr) Kategori
Cumi-cumi 1170 pantang
Kuning telur ayam 2000 pantang
Otak sapi 2300 pantang
Otak babi 3100 pantang
Telur burung puyuh 3640 pantang

Catatan: Untuk kategori berbahaya dan pantang sebaiknya tidak dikonsumsi oleh penderita masalah hipertensi atau problem jantung, karena dapat menyebabkan serangan jantung, stroke dan bahkan kematian.